Cybersecurity and Why It’s Important

by admin Jul 10, 2018

Red Rock Technology Group provides IT services and support for businesses in a variety of industries, but primarily small businesses. We asked David Burton all about cybersecurity and why it's important in this day and age. Red Rock Technology Group offers a variety of services, what do you see business owners needing the most help...

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Weekly Round-up: Marketing Edition

by admin Jul 03, 2018

Today's articles are all about marketing. We're talking data, online presence, and social media tips. Our favorite take-away from these articles is that if you have a good online presence, then your business is open 24/7. Digital marketing should be at the top of your to do list if it isn't already.     4...

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Weekly Round-up: Articles That Inspired

by admin Jun 26, 2018

In our weekly perusing, we found a few articles that really stood out to us. 22 Books Anyone Who Wants to Succeed Should Read   Summary: People who achieve the most in life are keen on self-improvement, which is why they're also often voracious readers. Here are some excellent titles to check out, recommended by nearly two dozen successful executives....

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Business Accelerator Academy Words of Wisdom

by admin Jun 19, 2018

We’re half way through of our Business Accelerator Academy and to say we’ve learned a lot would be the understatement of the year. Ralph Little, our dynamic instructor for this curriculum (created by Interise), has challenged participants in the class to think differently about their business. We’ve covered a lot of ground, but here are...

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Is Your Customer Service Up To Par?

by admin Jun 18, 2018

Article provided by Feedback “Customer service shouldn’t be a department; it should be the entire company.”- Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos. Most businesses today are a commodity; there is very little difference between price, product or location. Amazon and online retailers are crushing businesses that have been in existence for years. The only differentiator now...

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Snackdash: Member Spotlight

by admin Jun 11, 2018

We had the opportunity to sit down with founder and CEO of Snackdash, Eric Higginson. Snackdash is a Utah-based company that is not only inspiring, but they’re just as much fun to chat with. And turns out, they don’t just deliver snacks! Snackdash can deliver anything you need from office supplies, to drinks, to bathroom...

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Latinos in Action – Leading By Example

by admin Jun 05, 2018

In 2001, Jose Enriquez, Founder and CEO of Latinos in Action, was a young high school ESL and Spanish teacher. As he taught, he observed a number of Latino students that weren’t engaged or going to college at the rate that he felt was needed. Enriquez asked the school if he could take on teaching...

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Small Business Optimism Keeps Going Up

by admin Jun 05, 2018

Article provided by U.S. Chamber of Commerce. How high can small business optimism go? That’s the question that comes from the latest MetLife & U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Index. The index hit 68.7 in Q2, up 2.4 points from Q1 – another record high – driven by confidence in local economies. Forty-eight percent felt...

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Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce Awards Seven Female High School Seniors with Women in Business Scholarship

by admin May 22, 2018

The Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce awarded seven female high school seniors $1,000 scholarships through the Chamber’s Jr. WIB Scholarship Program. These seniors are selected for their outstanding achievements in education and the community. Scholarships winners include: Annie Banks – Brighton High School Ashley Woodmansee – CTEC Gillian Leonard – Alta High School Josie Taylor...

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Breakroom Fruit: Member Spotlight

by admin May 15, 2018

How It All Began In the early 2000s, The Community Food Co-op of Utah operated to provide low-income families with healthy options. Instead of going to the food pantry, this co-op would provide healthy options in bulk for families that couldn’t afford produce at the grocery store. It ran as a local non-profit, working with...

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