Good Grammar Bar: A Business Accelerator Academy Student

by admin Sep 17, 2018

Fallan Keyser is the owner of Good Grammar Bar –a downtown establishment located in the heart of downtown offering food, craft cocktails, local brews, and entertainment on the weekends. She’s also a participant in the Sandy Chamber's KeyBank Business Accelerator Academy – a hands-on program designed to help business owners create and manage growth. Location:...

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What’s the Loan Process Like and Where is My Information Going?

by admin Sep 11, 2018

You’re a small business owner. You need a loan. Your first thought is to turn to a bank, but did you know that many credit unions also offer business loans? Member Business Lending (MBL), a CUSO in Draper, Utah provides their family of credit unions access to a complete suite of commercial loan services, which...

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Rally with the Community: The Heart & Stroke Walk

by admin Sep 04, 2018

We had the chance to sit down with Laura Western, Executive Director of the American Heart Association; and Lavinia Sasaki, Business Development Director of the American Heart Association. We chatted about their upcoming Heart & Stroke Walk – a celebration of money raised for lifesaving research. This interview has been edited down for brevity. Tell...

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Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce Launches KeyBank Business Accelerator Academy

by admin Aug 27, 2018

Sandy Chamber Economic Development Foundation will receive transformation grant, announce public launch at August 28 community event SANDY, UT — August 27, 2018 — The Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce is announcing the launch of the KeyBank Business Accelerator Academy at a community event on August 28. The KeyBank Business Accelerator Academy is a hands-on...

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Utah’s Living Planet Aquarium Penguins Appear in the New York Times

by admin Aug 21, 2018

The penguins at The Living Planet Aquarium were the focus of the first-ever study to sequence Gentoo penguin DNA to determine the paternity of eight of their chicks. This study was performed by UVU and the New York Times broke the story! Give it a read. READ THE ARTICLE HERE.

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Weekly Round-Up: August 7th

by admin Aug 07, 2018

It's that time of the week again! Here's our favorite business-related articles we found on the world wide web as of late. From Bootstrapped To Boardroom: Tips And Benefits For Operating Any Business Like A Fortune 500 A 30-step plan to getting the raise you deserve Utah has desperate need for highly educated, skilled workers...

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Crafting Your Story for Business

by admin Jul 31, 2018

We sat down with PR veteran, Dave Clifton, to chat about why storytelling is important, what makes a good story, PR strategy tips, and online modules of  Share Your Story.  “Anybody can tell a story, but putting it down into words and having it resonate with someone else takes work.” – Dave Clifton Why is storytelling...

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Weekly Round-Up: July 25th

by admin Jul 25, 2018

See those people up there? They're fist pumping because they loved these articles we rounded up this week. We think you'll love them too. Check them out. 13 Ways to Engage with Your Customers on Social Media The Four Day Work Week is Good For Business How to Assemble the Perfect Board 13 Ways to...

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Weekly Round-Up: July Week Three

by admin Jul 16, 2018

Each week we search this thing called the world wide web to find our favorite articles that inspired us. Here's this week's line-up. Want to Schedule a Productive Workday? Follow These 4 Really Simple Strategies. Your Employee’s Non-Compete Might Not Be Enforceable Anymore: Here’s What You Need To Know This Company Pioneered a New Business...

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Weekly Round-Up

by admin Jul 10, 2018

We rounded up three articles that we loved from the last week. Check them out and get informed. Utah Business Magazine: Manufacturing Is Not Dead Forbes Magazine: How the Changing Business World has Impacted IT U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Workers, Farmers, Families, and Business are All Losers in a Trade War Manufacturing Is Not Dead  ...

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